“I’ve been working with the folks at Summit for almost 8 years.  At Pulte Homes, Communication and responsiveness is critical for home production.  I know that when I call Summit, they will answer or call me back immediately.  If we ever have a problem, someone is on site THAT DAY, to make sure my problem is resolved!”  

“I actually recommend Summit to my friends and family”

“Some trades we operate with, I have to remind them to take care of things and follow-up – NEVER with the folks at Summit. They’re always on their game!”

“They make my job easier when I’m walking the house a week before closing I know I’m not going to have to worry about my stairs and we’ll be able to complete our punch-list”

Jordan Henderson
Field Superintendent / Construction Manager at Pulte Group, Inc.

I can’t speak highly enough about Summit Stairs. Their products are great quality, one of the best in the industry, and their people are great to work with.  

Very rarely do we have to even deal with a punch list. Greg from Summit comes out 2-3 days after installation and makes sure we don’t have any problems or issues.

Also, I never have to worry about delivery or product timing. Even with all the supply chain issues the last few years, my Summit Stairs were always here when they were promised!

Corey Cameron
Construction Manager at TRI Pointe Homes

What Summit Stairs does for me is they are consistent, reliable, honest and they are ALL the things you’d want a company to be!  

You want to buy from someone who knows what they’re talking about and Danny Ray from Summit is that guy. He’s approachable, he understands the business and if he needs to, he’ll go to a job site and fix something. He’s just that kind of guy. He’s honest and he’s extremely trustworthy.

When I give my word to my clients, I know that Danny and Summit have my back!

They are a good trade partner and they’re a professional organization with product quality that is great and very consistent. They’re really good! They’re easy to deal with and their product just works!

Summit Stairs is always thinking of a better way to do what we need. They go to great lengths to protect their products on the job sites and their job site deliveries are such that I never have to worry about them – they’re always right, on time and well communicated! They are a pleasure to deal with!

Clint DeBrew
Outside Salesperson at Builders First Source

At Drees Homes, every staircase is different and custom made for the homeowner’s individual floor plan and the options they’ve chosen. For over 10 years we’ve been using Summit Stairs and they’ve made the Stair part of the homebuilding process EFFORTLESS!

Their product is of the highest quality, their deliveries are always prompt and dependable and their staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the business of building stairs.

Compared to other vendors, Summit Stairs doesn’t call us with problems or delays. They’re always weeks ahead of time and if they ever do have to call us about an issue, they provide solutions that solve the problems quickly and effectively!

Division Contruction Manager at Drees Homes
Ryan Briggs
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