Quick System


The Quick System is the next generation of high-quality staircase systems. Designed to provide a superior quality finish and speed up the building cycle by pre-fabricating key components of the staircase, the Quick Tread System is comprised of a pre-finished tread overlay that goes over the stair. It’s

Key Advantages:

Fast to install
Quality, consistent factory finish done in the manufacturing plant and not on site
Offers future homeowners the option to easily change out the look of the stair in the future
All at an attractive price for builders


How it works

Our patented Quick System has three components that differ from the typical stair system providing numerous benefits to both home builder and home buyer.

1.     The Quick Tread is made of high-quality PVC and rests on the Quick Step.

2.     The Quick Step can be made of OSB or Pine.

3/4.   Our stringers and risers have a layer of PVC glued on the inside face, eliminating raised grain.

The Quick Step design allows the stairs to be carpeted and the ability to upgrade to prefinished Quick Treads at a later date, offering home buyers much appreciated versatility and future options.

Features of the Quick System:

Vinyl – 11 Colors

Oak Veneer – 9 Colors

Solid Oak – 9 Colors

• Vinyl Options
Meets International Builders Code (IBC), whether carpeted stairs or the Quick Treads
Prefinished Landing to match the treads
Complement floor colors with similar tread finishes
Eliminates need to have a painter perform finish on stairs
Reduces building cycle time by eliminating the need to dry the stair and polyurethane
Overlay can be installed near end of building cycle, to maintain quality, reduce touch up costs


Elements of the quick system

  • Pre-finished Newell Options
    • O4040 – 9 colors
    • O4075 – 9 colors
    • O4076 – 9 colors
    • O4091 – 9 colors
    • O4000 – 9 colors
  • Pre-finished Rosettes, button plugs
  • Pre-finished Handrail
    • O6010 Plowed – 9 colors
    • O6010 Finger Joint – 9 colors
    • O6086 – 9 colors

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