Summit Stairs & Millwork designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality interior stair products, stair components, and exterior columns for some of the country’s largest tract home builders and siding companies. 

But our position as industry leader comes not only from our products or our 30-year history. Our customers trust and rely on us because we’ve got their back with good prices, deep industry knowledge, and service that they can depend on. 


High Quality, Innovative, Dependable Products

Our product line is coveted by big name builders as seen by our tremendous growth over the past years. Our stairs, stair components, and exterior columns are high-quality, dependable, and offered at a great price that supports our customers and protects their margins. Problem-solving is in our DNA so when we see a better way to design, install or manufacture our product, we jump on the opportunity. Our products are designed to be easier to install, faster to whether it is creating the Quick Tread System to greatly reduce on-site labor and cost headaches for builders or designing bendable column wraps that are faster and easier for siding companies to install, we have your back by solving problems that make everyone happy.

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Stair systems and components, featuring the Quick Tread System that greatly reduces on-site labor and cost headaches.


Columns, millwork, railings and moldings, featuring bendable column wraps that are faster and easier to install.

Quality, Dependable Products

Great Value

Large Volume Capabilities

Reliable & Trustworthy

Easy to Work With

Enviable Industry Experience


Problem Solving Expertise


“I’ve been working with the folks at Summit for almost 8 years.  At Pulte Homes, Communication and responsiveness is critical for home production.  I know that when I call Summit, they will answer or call me back immediately.  If we ever have a problem, someone is on site THAT DAY, to make sure my problem is resolved!”  

Field Superintendent / Construction Manager at Pulte Group, Inc.
Jordan Henderson

“I can’t speak highly enough about Summit Stairs. Their products are great quality, one of the best in the industry, and their people are great to work with.”  

Construction Manager at TRI Pointe Homes
Corey Cameron

“What Summit Stairs does for me is they are consistent, reliable, honest and they are ALL the things you’d want a company to be!”  

Outside Salesperson at Builders First Source
Clint DeBrew

“For over 10 years we’ve been using Summit Stairs and they’ve made the Stair part of the homebuilding process EFFORTLESS!

Their product is of the highest quality, their deliveries are always prompt and dependable, and their staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the business of building stairs.

Compared to other vendors they NEVER surprise us with product problems or delays.”

Division Contruction Manager at Drees Homes
Ryan Briggs

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