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Summit Stairs and Millwork


Providing Quality Materials SinceĀ 1993
Humble beginnings as a custom stair company grew to one of the largest provider of stairs in the housing market. Summit continued to evolve to fill a need at Pulte Homes to provide Cellular PVC, Columns and Fypon Polyurethane. So the Millwork division was born.

PEAK Cellular PVC

Hybrid Cellular PVC Boards, Sheets and Moulding.

Custom Millwork

One Piece Column Wraps, PVC Brackets, Decorative Millwork and Window Headers.

Stairs and Stair Parts

Box Stairs, Open Stairs and Curved Stairs. Iron Balusters and Oak Newel Posts.

What We are About

More than just a stair company isn’t just about the products. Our main focus is our Summit team members. The goal is to make this a place people want to work and are proud to tell everyone about it.

Signature Process

Column Wraps are not all created equal. We V-Groove 5/8″ PEAK Bendable PVC to create a column with only one seam. That seam snaps together with a unique lock miter. It looks better and stays together even in the harshest of climates.

The Right Choice

We have partnered with PEAK Building Materials to bring PEAK’s innovative and quality products to the market. PEAK is the benchmark for Cellular PVC and Stair Parts.